The Wine Parties are everyone’s favorite element of Waterside Wine Club, which is why we describe them right on the home page to get you hooked! But, there are many other aspects of the Club that you may want to take advantage of.

My name is Lauren Bright, I have been servicing my community in the Wine Industry for a over 12 years within retail and restaurants/country club establishments. I absolutely love what I do for a living, each day I feel blessed to touch people’s lives through my passion. There is nothing better than having the opportunities to educate consumers and be their guide in the world of wine. There is a story, history, passion, family, culture and so much more that goes into a bottle. It is my pleasure to introduce Waterside Wine of SWFL as the first One- Stop Shop for all wine and bubbly needs with a specialized wine boutique and a place to host events in the community. This is a place where you can receive education on the background of each producer, viticulture, geography, productivity, culture and history of wine making during events or just shopping for some great wine that you cannot find in large box stores.

Being that I am CSW trained and certified it allows to me to give the best advice and offer the best experience for my guests at the Waterside Wine of SWFL. I am always searching for new ways to keep growing and expanding my knowledge in the wine industry so I can be a better service to my customers. Waterside Wine of SWFL will be my greatest adventure and career yet! To live out my DREAM is an honor and blessing, I am PROUD to serve each of you, CHEERS!