About Us

The Wine Parties are everyone’s favorite element of Waterside Wine Club, which is why we describe them right on the home page to get you hooked! But, there are many other aspects of the Club that you may want to take advantage of.

Free Memberships

If you plan on attending lots of Wine Parties or purchasing wine frequently, you will love the discounts available with our free membership program. Click here for details.

More Reasons to Love Us

That’s not all… Waterside Wine Club offers a variety of other wine and entertaining related services including private wine tastings for you, your family and friends. Click here to read more.

Winemaker Presentations

In addition to the monthly Wine Parties, Waterside Wine Club hosts a series of wine tastings titled “Straight from the Grape.” These festive events feature prominent winemakers giving lively presentations and offering samples of their portfolios. Click here to view upcoming tastings.

Corporate Sponsors

Because our Wine Party attendees are wonderful people and excellent clients of ours, you may figure they would enjoy the opportunity to become stellar clients of yours as well. In that case, sign up to become one of our corporate sponsors and get a chance to meet these nice folks who can take your business to the next level. Click here for additional information.

Charity Work

It is often repeated that the greatest joy is giving to others. So, that’s why we hand select charities to be featured at our Wine Parties. These organizations benefit from our financial contributions as well as the prospect to locate individuals who may be interested in volunteering. Click here for the specifics.