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Welcome to Waterside Wine Club’s Grapevine!

While the subject of wine tends to get complicated rather quickly, we aim to bring you articles that explain wine related topics simply and straightforwardly.


The Land of the Long White Cloud

New Zealand, the whimsically landscaped country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is known as the Land of the Long White Cloud. Formed by fire and ice, volcanic and glacial activity are almost nonexistent in modern times, but have left the …

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Oenophile’s Oktoberfest

Every October, beer lovers around the globe grab their growlers and tip their hats to Germany’s world class offerings. What’s a devoted oenophile to do? Celebrate Germany’s stellar wine selections, of course! How does one do that? Aside from simply …

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Hooray for Rosé

With the summer heat upon us and the “Rosé All Day” promotion in full force, it seems fitting to discuss a very common yet misunderstood category of wines, rosé. Clearly, rosé suffers from nothing more than an erroneous negative reputation …

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Don’t Cry for Me Argentina

Geographically vast, it is no surprise that Argentina has more land dedicated to wine growing than any other country in South America. What is surprising though, is that Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine worldwide; making this relative …

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The Name Game

If it seems like the topic of grape names is unnecessarily complex, take heart, you are not alone! Even folks in the wine industry sometimes grumble at the numerous designations given to one single grape variety; and although it may …

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It's All Your Fault

It’s All Your Fault

Most wine drinkers have had the disappointing experience of popping open an intensely anticipated bottle of wine to discover the contents had transformed into a putrid vinegary elixir.  While that is an extreme example, even the most casual drinkers have …

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Alluring Albarino

Alluring Albariño

While a number of indigenous white grapes call the northwestern corner of the Iberian Peninsula home, there is one variety that has been making quite a name for itself outside its native land recently. This rising star in the winegrowing …

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Glass Half Full

Here we are at the beginning of the holiday season and again we are tasked with gift giving dilemmas. Every year the question arises, “What should I get for the wine lovers in my life?” Picking up a few bottles …

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