More Reasons to Love Us

The following are even more reasons it’s great to have Waterside Wine Club in your neighborhood. Professional insights, suggestions and consultations – we are here to assist you in all your wine related entertaining needs.

Private Wine Tastings

Want your family and friends to go home raving about the great time you gave them?

Bring them to a private wine tasting at the Club. This works well for any size group and is both relaxed and sophisticated. We will work with you to prearrange a wine list that is sure to please each person in your group and fits within your budget. Because the price per bottle is the same as you see on our site, this is a very affordable way to spend the afternoon or evening. Restaurants inflate wine prices three to four times retail, so bring your group to us before your meal and enjoy the wines as well as the savings. Even better, we can arrange catering so you can relish the view at the Club and skip the restaurant altogether.

Expert Wine List Consultations

Planning a soirée at your home?

Throwing the elusive ‘great party’ that everyone raves about for months comes down to having happy guests. What makes a guest happy? You guessed it – your wine selection. Even if all your guests have good taste they may not have exactly the same palate as yours. You want to offer a diverse range of wines so every guest has something that matches their taste and your culinary fare. Don’t plan a great party and take a chance hoping that everyone wants to share a case of those three wines you just love. As a side note, those lovely wine ‘experts’ at the big box stores get paid incentives and commissions to sell certain wines. Don’t let your party be ruined by bad wine while you finance some sales manager’s trip to Hawaii. Get a free professional unbiased consultation on your wine list from us anytime.

Professional Wine Selection Suggestions

Going to a dinner party and want to take a bottle of wine?

That bottle will either leave your hosts impressed with your discerning taste or have them smiling politely while they relegate it to their cooking wine shelf. Don’t waste the chance for a good impression when you can call us for a free quick professional opinion! We are happy to offer suggestions for that one bottle that will wow.

Successful Wine Sourcing Services

Looking for a certain wine you had years ago and can’t seem to find anywhere?

Everyone has a few distinctive nights in their past that were accompanied by a fantastic wine they only wish they could have again. If you have been searching for that one obscure wine, let us know. Not only do we have direct access to importers and distributers, we also scour wine auctions on a consistent basis and will be glad to track down your memorable bottle.