Martin Ray Cabernet Sauvignon 2013


While the grapes in this Cabernet Sauvignon are sourced from Napa Valley, they are hand selected from various prominent vineyards to add a variety of complementary characteristics hailing from the terroir in each of these distinctive regions. A touch of Malbec and a smidge of Petit Syrah round out the powerful tannins and add a level of sophistication to this deep and complex wine. Aging for 12 months in half new French and American oak adds structure and imparts a warm mocha flavor which contrasts nicely with the herbal notes and hints of candied cherries. This wine will pair well with just about everything that comes off the grill – from savory whitefish to mouthwatering burgers to juicy steaks.

Price: $28.50

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  1. Californication Wine Party Attendee says:

    We bought this and had it with burgers (I know, burgers!) It was excellent and went really well.


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