Neyers Conn Valley Merlot 2011


A light and elegant Merlot, this wine shows balance and sophistication beyond your average Merlot varietal. The key factors that give the taste of this wine such appeal are the addition of a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon and a surprisingly long fermentation process. The vintners leave the harvested grapes fermenting in contact with the skins for at least six weeks which allows the resulting wine to stabilize naturally. This practice also reduces the alcohol content leading to the persistent flavors that linger on the finish. The fermentation occurs in French oak, but the majority of the barrels are second pass or more so as not to disrupt the delicate nuances of this wine. The color is a nice bright cherry red complemented by aromas of cherries and floral notes on the nose. This is a good selection for an afternoon on the water or pair it with fish and shellfish dishes to bring out the flavors.

Price: $30.99

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  1. Californication Wine Party Attendee says:

    Merlot is not my favorite, but this is good.


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