Paul Hobbs Crossbarn Rosé 2013


2013 was a tremendous year for California wine growers and some amazing vintages were produced as a result of the near perfect weather conditions. Nowhere is this more obvious than in this light delicate rosé. It is 100% Pinot Noir by acclaimed vintner Paul Hobbs that just bursts with juicy fruit flavors – honeydew, tangerines, even strawberries make an appearance on the palate. Similar notes greet the nose and harmonize nicely with slight hints of apricots and nectarines. A good amount of acidity to complement the sugars is evidence of the ideal growing conditions and results in a dry and crisp finish. This wine will compliment raw bar offerings and cold platters of shrimp or crab salad.

Price: $14.99

2 reviews of “Paul Hobbs Crossbarn Rosé 2013

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  1. Red, White and Pink Wine Party Attendee says:

    Our favorite at this party. We bought three bottles to have by the pool.

  2. Red, White and Pink Wine Party Attendee says:

    Light and fruity!


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