Prado Rey Crianza 2009


This single varietal Tempranillo has just a touch of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot to balance the flavors and round out the well developed tannins. Full bodied with red cherry aromas on the nose, this wine delights with a silky rich mouthfeel of vanilla and black cherries on the palate. A moderate lively finish indicates this is a younger wine with good character. Enjoy this wine by itself or will pair nicely with roasted meats, casseroles and rich pasta dishes.

Price: $20.99

2 reviews of “Prado Rey Crianza 2009

Average Rating:
  1. Spain's Terrains Wine Party Attendee says:

    4 stars

  2. Spain's Terrains Wine Party Attendee says:

    Tastes very fruity. Will go well with pastas and Italian food.


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