Tolaini Valdisanti Blend 2010


While this blend isn’t typical of the Chianti Classico region, it is a stellar standout wine nonetheless. Although, it does include Chianti’s flagship grape, Sangiovese, this wine is led with a majority of Cabernet Sauvignon and balanced with just a touch of Cabernet Franc. Blackberry and black currant aromas compliment hints of earthiness in the bouquet while lush ripe fruits and gripping tannins engage the palate. Over a year in French oak imparted deep complexity and toasty essences. Enjoy this wine with steaks and seared meats, but watch out for sediment as this wine is unfiltered. Psst – This wine was selling for almost twice as much in Total Wine!

Price: $31.99

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    This wine is very good. Well worth it!


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